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Education Excellence Awards

Each year, Old Mutual ploughs more than 1% of total net profit after tax is channelled into initiatives geared towards improving skills and capacity in the areas of education, community development, sport and entrepreneurship. Education is the flagship program which is clearly visible through the investment of more than N$ 5.8 million over the past 4 years.

Partnering with the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture and other Private Sector Partners to create the Education Excellence Awards platform has added great value to the winners both individually and at school level.

The Old Mutual National Education Excellence Awards are primarily aimed at contributing towards academic achievement and personal growth of the students. They are intended to complement students' intrinsic motivation as well as necessary verbal encouragement from teachers and parents. The awards serve to reinforce what is being done to improve excellence in education.

The awards honour regions, schools and top students for their hard work and commitment to achieving outstanding results. Twenty six schools have benefited since 2012. Most of the schools have maintained their position as top performance since the introduction of the awards in 2012.

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